The main goal of visitMons is to promote leisure and business tourism in the Mons region both abroad and in Belgium.

visitMons encompasses the Office du Tourisme de la Ville de Mons, the Maison du Tourisme de la Région de Mons and the Port de Plaisance du Grand-Large, legally incorporated as an “Association Sans But Lucratif” (not-for-profit organisation).

visitMons includes 12 municipalities: Boussu, Colfontaine, Frameries, Hensies, Honnelles, Jurbise, Lens, Mons, Quaregnon, Quévy, Quiévrain, Saint-Ghislain.

The main role of visitMons includes:

welcoming and providing information for members of the public
broadcasting, promoting and communicating
gathering information and statistical analysis
organising individual and group guided tours
selling tickets and merchandising 
A whole team here to help you!
Natacha Vandenberghe, Manager
Michel Vasko, Assistant Manager.
Administrative and financial management
Laurence Lerinckx

Observatoire du Tourisme Montois
Nadia Naccarella
Marketing – Communication – Press
Quentin Dardenne
Sophie Demeester
Tamara Marinkovic
Tiziana Pitzalis

Greeters: Tamara Marinkovic
Mice: Sophie Demeester
Trade department
Benoît Van Caenegem
Jessica Celestri
Maria Dermaut
Hélène Rolland
Laure Wilmart
Kevin Vertenoeil

Alexandre Abatte
Anthony Devaux
Aurélie Frébutte
Manuella Giambarresi
Laurène Hendrikx
Maurits Hulscher
Justine Sakkalis
Astrid Vaniékaut
Fanny Waroux