Théâtre le Manège

at Mons

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Le Man+¿ge Marie-No+½lle Dailly (8).jpgMarie-Noelle Dailly
Le Manège Marie-Noelle Dailly (5).jpgMarie-Noelle Dailly
  • This room was built on vestiges which were once part of the Léopold military barracks; its current name thus commemorates its military past.

    Situated in the town centre, this room can seat up to 600 people; however, one of its most attractive features is its modularity. The seating can be reduced to 400, thereby increasing the space reserved for the stage. Alternatively, the room can also be transformed into a true concert hall.
  • Spoken languages
    • English
Hall m2
Gradin - 558 - 800 - 558
Gradin replié - 700 700 700 - -
Salle de répétition 120 49 49 49 49 -
  • Accessibility
    • Mobility impaired
  • All year