The Chant d’Éole wine estate

at Quévy-le-Grand

Domaine Du Chant D'Eole-501.jpgDomaine Du Chant D'Eole
Domaine Du Chant D'Eole-504.jpgDomaine Du Chant D'Eole
DSC_0954.JPGDomaine Du Chant D'Eole
Photo PD.jpgDomaine Du Chant D'Eole
Domaine Du Chant D'Eole-030.jpgDomaine Du Chant D'Eole
Domaine Du Chant D'Eole-062.jpgDomaine Du Chant D'Eole
Domaine Du Chant D'Eole-001.jpgDomaine Du Chant D'Eole
  • The Chant d’Eole wine estate is an extraordinary vineyard which offers quality products and an out-of-the-ordinary location. An extraordinary and ultra-modern setting at the foot of the vineyard provides spaces with various atmospheres and an uninterrupted view of the vines.
    Located in the outskirts of Mons and close to the motorway network, the Chant d’Eole wine estate is the ideal location for your events. It combines both business and pleasure, since the atmosphere lends itself to business meetings but also to moments of relaxation, which entail tastings and tours of the wine storehouse.

    For corporate clients

    Would you like to invite your clients, host your business meetings or arrange teambuilding exercises in an unusual setting? The Domaine du Chant d’Eole can offer you a tour of the vines and a tasting session to appreciate our traditional method. You will be welcomed in a space to suit your requirements and your needs!

    For a tour and quote, please contact us!
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Hall m2
Salle des vignes - 120 150 150 200 150 -
Bureau des Douanes 20 - - 5 - - 5
Terrasse 120 - - - - - -
Salle du Chant d’Eole 160 50 50 80 120 80 -
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