Havré Castle

at Havré

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  • Havré Castle, rebuilt and transformed several times between the 17 th and 19 th centuries by numerous families, the d’Enghien and de Croÿ families among them, this superb fortress and manor house surrounded by a moat will enchant you.

    It boasts a splendid rectangular courtyard, an actual dungeon topped with an onion–bulb roof and a beautiful chapel. It has been renovated by «Les Amis du Château des Ducs d’Havré», a non-profit association devoted to its preservation. You may tour it or even hire it for private events. Discover its museums and wonderful gardens.
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Salle Gothique 50 44 36 50 48 50 50 56
Salle d'Armes 212 198 160 260 170 260 260 252
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