Anciens Abattoirs

Antiques, art, galleries at Mons

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  • The Anciens Abattoirs (former slaughterhouses) host temporary events and exhibitions that are essentially devoted to contemporary plastic arts.
    The main building, the Grand Halle, covers an expanse 10m wide and 70m long on a single level. The Stable is home to the World Craft Council Belgique Francophone, a non-profit association devoted to applied art.
    Le Frigo (the Fridge) is available to host your business events. This space includes two large rooms; one is large enough to accommodate 100, and the other, equipped with a bar, can hold a maximum of 30.
  • Spoken languages
    • English
Hall m2
Frigo 117 30 40 60 60 95 95 60
Grande Halle 500 - - 60 60 95 95 60