To me the Doudou means above all: 
A time of great popular fervour
My favourite Mons speciality: 
“Mons pavés” from the chocolatier Demeyer, to die for…
To me the Mons region means: 
Green spaces, culture and friendly people who enjoy the good things in life.
A great day with family or friends: 
Evening aperitifs organised in various parts of the city from June to September. Drinks, nibbles and fun with friends.
My own little corner of paradise: 
The Saint-Denis lakes
Never leave Mons without: 
Stroking the monkey’s head with your right hand (it goes without saying I swear) while drinking a Car d’Or or a Montoise beer and singing the chorus from the Doudou song. But you need lots of training to be able to do all that at once.
My expression Made in Mons: 
Fâât diââb’ à cornes