To me the Doudou means above all: 
The fiesta, a time of great jubilation which stirs the heart of all Mons citizens.
My favourite Mons speciality: 
A pagnon, a sweet pastry speciality of the Borinage region, particularly that made in Petit-Wasmes at the “Au Pagnon” bakery.
To me the Mons region means: 
The Borinage where I was brought up and the Hauts Pays, its green life force.
A great day with family or friends: 
There will always be an event to attend, with the number of events increasing exponentially in 2015 !
My own little corner of paradise: 
The slag heap peaks.
Never leave Mons without: 
Stroking the monkey’s head, of course.
My expression Made in Mons: 
« On est montois ou on l’est nié »