To me the Doudou means above all: 
Lots of emotion. At midday on Sunday, it is more than just the Car d’Or climbing the slope, it’s also a moment of great emotion and collective fervour. It is THE unmissable event in the Doudou
My favourite Mons speciality: 
If it’s something good to eat you want, a sweet pastry, in particular made with brown sugar. Otherwise friendliness is a Mons speciality. Yes, the people of Mons are friendly and I love that
To me the Mons region means: 
A region of contrasts, flat and undulating, rural and industrial, steeped in history and modern, chic and popular at the same time. It’s a region that will surprise where you least expect it.
A great day with family or friends: 
In Belgium, friends often meet over a glass of beer. So choose a cafe that looks nice, outdoors on the Grand Place or indoors in the warmth in one of the narrow streets, and take the time to chat. Anecdotes and gales of laughter guaranteed.
My own little corner of paradise: 
Over a good meal and in Mons there’s no shortage of good restaurants
Never leave Mons without: 
Stroking the little monkeys head. It would be like going to Paris and not seeing the Eiffel Tower. And good luck throughout the year is not something you refuse
My expression Made in Mons: 
I really like the way we address each other affectionately “m’fieu ou m’fiye”.