To me the Doudou means above all: 
A magic, festive event combining tradition and modernity, devotion and popular celebration, for everyone, whether from Mons or not.
My favourite Mons speciality: 
The Mons pavé, crunchy and creamy chocolate squares made by the chocolatier Demeyer
To me the Mons region means: 
An exciting, little known region, to be explored without restraint.
A great day with family or friends: 
A beer at the Excelsior and an evening’s tasting at the Christmas market before dancing at the Alhambra.
My own little corner of paradise: 
A cafe terrace on the Grand Place, at Friday lunchtime, preferably in the sunshine…
Never leave Mons without: 
Saying hello to Sainte Waudru and drinking a Car d’Or.
My expression Made in Mons: 
For the days after the Ducasse, when the eyes are a bit tired « Vos avez des zies comme des quiquines dé poupousse ».