From country inns to famous chefs, the region of Mons is a permanent invitation to gourmet pleasures.
Nature was spot on here! In the region of Mons, the soil is generous: vegetables like the asparagus of Jurbise, fruit and even the vines in the vineyards of Quévy provide their flavours and aromas. Human intervention adds know-how to these products of the land, grown and transformed at the farm: ham, terrine, poultry, honey..
As well as the products of the butcherAnne & Michel Picron, not forgetting the cheeses of Jacquy Cange or those of the Petite Vacresse !

All flavours are in nature. Beer symbolises the region and the strong character of the Borinage. And the art of brewing is enhanced by surrounding itself with precision and know-how: the craft breweries perpetuate a centuries-old tradition. Haying was then celebrated by brewing this seasonal beer, so refreshing. It was reborn in the 21st century, young brewers learn the traditional techniques of their ancestors in the villages around Mons. The beers of the « Abbaye des Rocs », « Deseveaux » or the « l’Abbaye de Saint-Ghislain » enhance the chocolate flavours created by chocolatier craftsmen like Ann Douteur, Georges Doutrelepont or Camille Druart.
Mons: a real region of Epicureans.

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