The tourism year 2017 is dedicated to "Gourmet Wallonia”; the opportunity to discover authentic quality products that are an asset of the Mons region. Chocolate, beer, honey, cheeses, vegetables, traditional methods,... "LIVE GOURMET WALLONIA!”.

In order to highlight the Boraine recipes of yesteryear, a giant chef’s hat has been created!

Production of the chef’s hat

An achievement by the students of the Cours des Métiers d'Art du Hainaut secteur Sculpture et Décoration and their teachers as part of the annual tourist theme of the Walloon Region "Gourmet Wallonia 2017" for the Tourist office of the Region of Mons, visitMons.

Proposing my recipe

You can pin your best recipes on this hat! To do this, templates of recipe cards are available at the counter of visitMons. The recipes will then be published online and accessible to all! You can also directly present your recipes online on this form.

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