Every year, over Trinity weekend, Mons comes alive to the rhythm of its Doudou. Curious visitors and locals flock in their thousands to the festivities, the oldest of which dates back to the 14th century. The Descent of the Châsse de Sainte-Waudru, the Procession, the ascent of the Car d'Or, the “Lumeçon” battle... So many highlights to draw in the crowds.

Discover the Doudou Museum

Housed in the former Mont-de-Piété building, built in 1625, the Doudou Museum is passionate about interaction. The experience is all about interpretation, and visitors can (re)experience all the highlights of the Ducasse through all sorts of objects, of course (Saint George’s helmet and lance) as well as through screens, videos and interactive terminals where young and old can really get into the whole experience. Seeing behind the scenes of the Ducasse you can understand its popularity and unifying spirit. This is what spoke to and moved UNESCO. The participation of local residents in the battle and the climb of the Car d'Or, the investment of hundreds of volunteers throughout the year, the passing on of the tradition to the next generation… Whether you are a local or not, whether you are familiar with the Ducasse or have never taken part, you are bound to leave the museum with all sorts of images running round in your head.