Saint-Ghislain - Green country

Mountain biking at Saint-Ghislain

22.2 km
Mountain biking
2h 10min
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  • This pretty ride, which takes you to a canal and a magnificent wood, winds its way through unspoilt countryside, at a stone’s throw from Mons.

    Departure from Sirault, located on the ridges of Saint-Ghislain: this is one of the most pleasant routes for cycling. The rearranged routes run alongside castle farms and a golf course, and sit in a bucolic landscape. As you cycle towards Stambruges, the line formed by the large word appears on the horizon. From landscapes of fields, you enter a velvet ambiance: the stony path is just a preamble before the long road covered with hellish cobblestones. Level with the Blathon-Ath canal, you’ll start riding on that ancient path which shakes and slides. Images come to mind of legendary cycling events The Tour of Flanders (close by) and Paris-Roubaix, where riders struggle to overcome the incessant paved sections. The rest of the route is very quiet, making a nice stop at Neufmaison. Shortly after crossing the Grand Champs, Sirault approaches. The church spire signals the end of this ride, marked by the sign of its diversity.

    Don’t miss

    Mont Garni golf course: a very pretty green with its Anglo-Norman style Club House. The route leading there goes along a very pretty castle farm.

    Stambruges wood: the natural reserve of Mer de Sable is a reminder that the region used to be a landscape covered with heather moors. The site is exceptional in terms of floral richness.
  • Difference in height
    160.59 m
  • Documentation
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Points of interest
1 Mont Garni golf course
A very pretty green with its Anglo-Norman style Club House.
161 meters of difference in height
  • Start altitude : 66 m
  • End altitude : 66 m
  • Maximum altitude : 103 m
  • Minimum altitude : 58 m
  • Total positive elevation : 161 m
  • Total negative elevation : -161 m
  • Max positive elevation : 20 m
  • Min positive elevation : -25 m