Everything starts at the Image Palace

Welcome to the Pass Theatre. With such an evocative name, you can already tell that this is not an ordinary projection room. Here, the film that you see is projected on the walls, the ceiling and floor of the room. With images measuring 100 m² each, you are literally in the heart of the action.
The films presented in this Image Palace invite you to ask questions about the problems surrounding the Man of the 21st century and the challenges the faces.


This is the title of a short film that makes us think about the right to water and how we use it. You will be virtually immersed in a world of water and earth to better understand the issues of water access on a global scale. A striking contrast between the enchanting images of water on earth and the distress of certain populations deprived of this vital element. Alarming numbers. A return to nature, to the essential and a reminder of the value of water. There are many people who are lacking in clean water or who don’t have any access to it at all. This film makes us accountable and attempts to send a clear message to future generations.

Water events

In continuation of the H2O film, two educational activities are proposed for children:
  • “Cleaning water is hard work!”: now in a laboratory, the children experiment, by trial and error, different techniques for the treatment of waste water. How to clean water that has been soiled by our bad use? The children then draw up a protocol.
  • “What is drinkable water?”: is the water drinkable? In order to discover this, the children will carry out chemical analyses on a sample of water. They learn to use and follow a protocol for an experiment. In addition, they discover the notion of solvent and question the meaning of “norm”.


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