A quality product

The Eloir family, who created the first micro-brewery in Belgium, is proud of the quality control of its production. The hops are of Belgian and Walloon origin, the yeast, spices and malts are natural. No artificial aroma, flavour enhancer or added sugar. Even the water comes directly from a borehole in a rocky basement. The Eloir family produces a range of generous beers, with a strong character and unique flavours. Some examples:

- Abbaye des Rocs: blonde, both fruity and spicy
- Abbaye des Rocs: brown, with bitter and sweet side-by-side
- Montagnarde: amber, bitter with a caramel flavour
- Blanche des Honnelles: strong bitterness on a peppery background
- Triple Impériale: brown, with flavours of sugar candy, dried fruits and berries
- Grand Cru: brown, with spicy flavours
- Nuit Étoilée: amber, rather spicy, light bitterness, both caramel and fruity flavors
- Passe Tout Outre: blonde, the hops are highlighted by the absence of spices
It would be difficult not to find a brew to your taste! And the tasting is made even better by the idyllic setting of the rendez-vous: the site of the “windmill village”. You will be able to admire an old windmill from the 12th century, as well as a waterfall. If you’re looking for an original way to have a drink, follow the direction of the Apéros Bucoliques (Bucolic Aperitifs)! Every Saturday evening or Sundays from 11:00 to 14:00. It’s also the opportunity to visit the Abbaye des Rocs brewery, its wort and fermentation vats, the bottling machines, etc. Explore the brewing world for the reasonable price of €5/person. Online reservations.



Chaussée Brunehault, 14 – 7382 Audregnies
Tel.: +32 (0)65/75 59 99
Email: info@abbayedesrocs.com