The Grand Large, a site of 80 hectares of which half is a lake. Its port, a main passage between the waterways and the French and Dutch canal systems, is truly a leisure port with a European outlook. It is also the meeting point for two canals, the Canal du Centre and the Canal Nimy-Blaton. With a lake like this, we’re certainly not at a loss for things to do on the water!

Feel like going for a sail

The first thing you see is all the moored boats that are impatiently waiting for their turn on the water. In total, there are 157 harbour rings, of which 110 are reserved for annual rental, the others are for boats passing through.
Sailors find the reduced number of locks, lifts and mobile bridges very attractive, as it allows them to increase their cruising speed, save time and limit their fuel consumption. Each year, the fleet managers organise several cruises. The boaters are able to see the green, bucolic landscape of the region. Furthermore, they can cruise for a day or a weekend, to relax the mind and go where the wind takes them.

Water sports close to home

No need to go far to practice jet-skiing, water-skiing, wakeboarding, sailing or motorboating. The Royal Club Nautique Mons-Borinage, located at the Grand Large in Mons, offers all these activities at a reasonable price.
The club has even set up a discovery and practical initiation package for its members. It’s time to discover which water sport suits you and, you never know, make it your new passion. Take advantage of 2 free trial sessions (3 attempts at start-up or successful start-up + 10 minutes sailing) + following sessions of 15 mins (3 attempts at start-up or sailing) for €15. All necessary material is provided (child and adult skis, wakeboard, figure skis, wetsuits, life jackets, rope and rudder). In addition, the club regularly organises regattas and member evenings. You can be sure of having a nice time in good company with a holiday atmosphere.

For navigation fans, it’s possible to obtain a certificate at the École de Navigation of the Royal Club Nautique Mons-Borinage. On the programme: theoretical classes on navigation with the goal of obtaining the General Certificate, the Coastal Captain certificate and the Yachtsman Certificate.



Royal Club Nautique de Mons et du Borinage
Avenue du Grand Large, 2A - 7000 Mons
Tel.: +32 (0)471/95 70 92