The Pass is well known for the experiments, exhibitions and scientific games that it proposes. But have you ever explored the outdoor space?

Welcome to the Adventure Garden!

All around you, there is a space dedicated to fun with its recreation grounds, but there is also discovery and learning while refreshing the mind. Several observatories have been installed on different themes:
  • the world of slag heaps (ascent possible but not mandatory)
  • the world of machines, with levers, gears and pulleys
  • a weather station

The pond, a whole ecosystem

Another notable observatory, the pond, an ideal place to view biodiversity in all its forms. Fauna and flora are often very diversified here. You will also be able to observe crustaceans and insects as well as other living organisms under the microscope.



Pass – Parc d’aventures scientifiques
Rue de Mons, 3 7080 Frameries, Belgique
Tel.: + 32 (0)65/61 21 60

Accessible with the Mons Card (€3 discount)!