An environmental initiative

In 1988 the A.S.B.L. (non-profit organisation) was created thanks to a team with the willingness to create an educational tool focused on play: the Amusette. We all know the environmental issues that are threatening our planet, but we still need to react. Through its activities, the A.S.B.L. is trying to make the new generation aware of its impact on the environment. To achieve this, the Amusette is striving for active education where the children are not just spectators but become actors of change.

Since 2000, the Amusette has been a certified by the Walloon Region as an educational establishment for nature and forests.

Focus on direct contact with nature

This water museum welcomes children aged 2.5 to 12 years old and offers activities focusing on the environment and nature throughout the year: calculation of the ecological footprint, experiments on water pollution, discovery of the flora and fauna in humid areas, recycling and waste management, etc. To do this, monitors have access to a variety of materials, notably models, dioramas, aquariums, tales, games, experiments, workshops, exhibitions, shows and still more.
In addition, the Amusette aims to be an educational tool for the benefit of everyone. Kindergarten and primary school teachers, teaching assistants, parents, students are all invited to discover this documentation centre. Visits of the Museum are organised as well as courses during the school holidays, reception for youth movements and summer activities, and other events of all kinds.


The museum is open every day for groups, by appointment only.
On the last Sunday of the month it is open to the public from 14:30 for an animated and interactive guided tour of 2 hours.
The museum has a recreation area as well as parking for cars and buses.



L’Amusette A.S.B.L.
Rue Brunehaut, 33 – 7022 Mesvin µ
Tel.: +32 (0)65/33 82 33