In fact, there are two rivers that run through the town, the Grande and the Petite Honnelle, that give it its name. Nestled in the heart of the Nature Park of the Hauts-Pays, it comprises 4500 hectares of which 350 are woods and 3150 are arable. It’s no surprise that this town is known as the Green Lung of the region. This promises wild, natural and picturesque scenery, worthy of postcards. Discover this charming territory by following its waterways…

La Grande Honnelle

In times gone by, it fed several flour mills as well as marble sawmills, unfortunately all have disappeared. Today, the river borders the villages of Roisin and Autreppe and then crosses the village of Angre and its woods. This is where we can find the famous site of the Caillou-qui-Bique, this large stone that Satan supposedly transported on his back before abandoning it along the road. For those who love walks and stories, be sure to go there!

La Petite Honnelle

Following Rampemont towards Montignies-sur-Roc, Audregnies and Baisieux, this river undulates parallel to the Grande Honnelle, that it joins a few hundred metres further on. Its water is used especially for brewing the beers of the Abbaye des Rocs. The “Blanche des Honnelles” also pays tribute to the river at its origin!

Walks that are worth a detour

To fully enjoy the beauty of the landscape of the territory of Honnelles, what could be better than a walk in the fresh air? Do you not know where to start or maybe you’re afraid of getting lost in all these little trails? Follow one of the circuits that has been marked by the Nature Park of the Hauts-Pays. On the theme of water, choose the A loop of the Honnelles-Quiévrain Natura 2000 walk (you will circumnavigate the forest of Audregnies and walk along the Petite Honnelle) or loop C (which takes you through Roisin and the Angre forest along the Grande Honnelle).
N.B.: for more information, go to the Maison du Parc d’Onnezies where several brochures are available for you, detailing the different circuits.

In addition, a number of restaurants and cafes have opened their doors along the banks. Take a break and admire the landscape. Relax while eating a meal and enjoy the present moment. How about a little drink by the water?