Van Gogh House, Cuesmes

Vincent van Gogh lived here from August 1879 to October 1880. Visitors can view replicas of different works, true-to-original copies of letters from the artist, multilingual audiovisual information as well as a room furnished according to the period.

Van Gogh house - Cuesmes
Rue du Pavillon, 3
7033 Cuesmes (Mons)

Van Gogh House and the Marcasse mine, Wasmes

This is where Vincent was employed as a lay preacher for 6 months. In the house, paintings and letters to his brother Theo, which originated in Wasmes, are shown alongside other items. The mine of Marcasse where Van Gogh himself travelled to a depth of 700 metres is located only a few kilometres away. A visit to this unique mine can be arranged at request.
The Marcasse site
Sentier de Saint-Ghislain, 7
7340 Colfontaine

Van Gogh house - Wasmes
Rue Wilson, 221
7340 Wasmes (Colfontaine) 

Bus tour retracing the route of Vincent van Gogh

Participants in this 3-hour tour will learn interesting facts about the life and early years of the famous artist in the Borinage. The tour includes a visit to the Van Gogh houses.


The Artothèque is home to collections from twelve museums of the city. The converted chapel, once home to the Ursuline Monastery, accommodates around 50,000 artworks, many of which can be viewed virtually including an original Van Gogh drawing, “Les Bêcheurs”.

Rue Claude de Bettignies, 1
7000 Mons