The Van Gogh House, Drenthe

Vincent van Gogh lived at the inn of Hendrik Scholte in Nieuw-Amsterdam. Following renovations in 2001- 2003, part of the inn is now a café/restaurant.
The same went for the room where Van Gogh once painted. Here, visitors have the chance to see his studio and watch a short movie that will take them back to Van Gogh´s time, the fall of 1883. “Vincent” tells the story about his stay in Drenthe, based on the 23 letters he send from this house.
Veenpark open-air museum

At Veenpark, the moor landscape of the 19th century comes to life. Following the special “Van Gogh´s easel“ museum route you can travel through the primordial peat bog on foot or with the small rail or by boat. The museum route features letters and paintings imparting Van Gogh thoughts
about Drenthe, life in the moor and the people who inspired him. In addition to all this you can visit the old peat pit and the cutting huts that Van Gogh painted and a turf colony with a baker, wooden shoemaker and grocer.
Tour following in the footsteps of Van Gogh in Drenthe

The tour starts with a visit to the Van Gogh House. A guide then takes you to the Veenpark. During the tour through the open-air museum, you will see the primordial moor landscape that once inspired Van Gogh.
Drents Museum

“The Peat Barge” (Vincent van Gogh,1883) is one of the masterpieces of the collection of the Drents Museum. It is one of the seven surviving pictures of Van Gogh´s Drenthe period. The department Art 1885-1935, of the museum contains Dutch Art and Applied Art. In terms of size and quality, the Archaeology collection is one of the most important in
Northwest Europe. Part of this collection is presented permanently and is often shown in international exhibitions.