Latitude (N) : 50.4195887 | Longitude (E) : 3.902956099999983
The PASS is an original science museum which aims at letting people discover and understand science and technology in a fun, active manner.
It is located on the splendid site of a former coal-mine called “le crachet”, which featured a large-diameter pit equipped with cages, pit-head frames, winding gear, fans, offices, bath-showers, washtubs, background equipment. A long tunnel beneath Frameries was used to bring charcoal from the grand-trait and the Grisoeil, where it was extracted, to the new washtub. In spite all of this, the 2 pits were closed in 1960, barely after all the work had been completed.
On September the 8th 1989, the monument was listed. At the initiative of the Walloon Region and the EU, The former 28-hectare coal-mining site has since then been transformed into a venue aiming to diffuse and promote scientific, technical and industrial culture.
The industrial wasteland was revitalized by the internationally-reknown architect Jean Nouvel.

Scientific Adventure Park
Rue de Mons, 3
7080 Frameries