Latitude (N) : 50.407965 | Longitude (E) : 3.898984
On April 17th 1879, a deadly explosion occurred in the Agrappe coal mine in Frameries, near Cuesmes. 121 people were killed. Having probably heard the firedamp explosion, Van Gogh reportedly rushed to the site to rescue the wounded. Deeply affected by the tragedy, Van Gogh later described it in a letter to his parents, with a few newspaper cut-outs enclosed.
Unfortunately, the only historical records of this mention are the letters he sent to his father and to his brother. The mining world is an unforgiving one and the ravages caused by the all-too-frequent accidents that occured struck a population that was already under severe strain. In addition to the dreadful hygiene and health conditions miners and their families had to bear with, nutritional problems further undermined their physical condition and their health.
The site was closed down in 1922
The Agrappe coal mine
Rue Alfred Defuisseaux (+/- n°89)
7080 Frameries