Latitude (N) : 50.421197 | Longitude (E) : 3.863165

It was at this station that Van Gogh first set foot in the Borinage, when he got off the train in Paturages. He then stayed there for several weeks before moving to wasmes for his trial period as a preacher.

In the 19th century, the railway network of Hainaut was quite extensive. Pâturages, Wasmes ans Cuesmes had all been connected by rail to Mons and, therefore, to the main railway lines in the area; namely the railway lines connecting Mons to Brussels (inaugurated in 1841), Mons to Valenciennes (via Quiévrain, opened in 1842), Mons to Charleroi (via Manage, operational as of 1849) and Mons to Paris (via Haumont, put into service in 1857). 
The station in Pâturages was built in a Flemish Neo-Renaissance style. Its main building, which features crow-step gables, housed the station master, the revenue office, a waiting hall…
As for cargo; in addition to coal, raw and finished metals would also be carried to Pâturages. Line 98 was finally closed in 1984 and its buildings were purchased by an architect, who fully restored them. Its current owners have made it their home. Note that the former railway line has since been converted into a promenade space, as part of the RAVel network.

Former Train Station of Paturages (private property)
Rue de Pâturages, 140
7390 Quaregnon