The Canadian corps commander:
lieutenant general sir Arthur W. Currie

2nd division major general sir H.E. Burstall

4th brigade                                              18th infantry battalion
 Brigadier general G.E. McCuaig                19th infantry battalion
Frameries, Hyon, Spiennes                         20th infantry battalion
Mont Panisel, Bois-là-Haut                          21st infantry battalion

5th brigade                                               22nd Infantry Battalion
                                                         (French Canadian)
Brigadier general T.L. Tremblay                    24th infantry battalion
Reserve division                                          25th infantry battalion
                                                                                   26th infantry battalion                 

6th brigade:                                             27th infantry battalion
Brigadier general A. Ross                           28th infantry battalion
Saint-Symphorien, Havré                            29th infantry battalion
Boussoit, Maurage                                     31st infantry battalion

Divisional artillery:
brigadier general H.A. Panet

3rd division major general F.O.W. Loomis
7th brigade:                                                Royal Canadian Regiment
Brigadier general J.A. Clark                                       Princess Patricia’s
                                                                         Canadian Lightn Infantry
Jemappes, Ghlin, Mons                                       42nd Royal Highlanders
                                                                            of Canada (Black Watch)
Nimy                                                             49th infantry battalion

8th brigade:                                         1st Mounted Rifles
Brigadier general D.C. Draper                  2nd Mounted Rifles
Reserve division                                     4th Mounted Rifles
5th Mounted Rifles
9th brigade:                                          43rd infantry battalion
Brigadier general D.M. Ormond                52nd infantry battalion
Casteau, Saint-Denis, Obourg                   58th infantry battalion
                                                              116th infantry battalion

Divisional artillery:
brigadier general J.S. Stewart

Cavalry attached to the Canadian corps:
5th Royal Irish Lancers

These two divisions depended on the British First army
commanded by general Henry Horne.