The MMM between History and Memory !

Pass through the doors of the Mons Memorial Museum and you’ll be immersed in the Mons region’s military past. Opened in 2015, the museum’s aim is to immerse you in the experiences of the soldiers and civilians who lived through the tragic events of the two world wars. The permanent exhibition’s itinerary is interspersed with numerous testimonies, a powerful central thread to the visit. Interactive maps, letters, videos and interviews bring the hundreds of authentic exhibits on display to life.

The Great War occupies a central place in the museum’s itinerary. In addition to the events of the battle of August 1914, and those of the Liberation of 1918, you’ll experience the lives of the civilians who lived under the yoke of the occupier, in parallel with the soldiers on the front. And that’s without forgetting the famous legend of the «Angels of Mons», which is, exceptionally, the subject of a film animation made for the museum.

Exceptional collections

After the conflict, many veterans bequeathed personal items to the city of Mons. Others have been found on the battlefields. These authentic pieces, charged with history, allow us to remember the men and women who were buffeted by war, as well as their varied destinies.