The original plaque dedicated to the memory of private George Lawrence Price was inaugurated on 11 November 1968 by Colonel McIntyre (who commanded the 28th Canadian Infantry Battalion) in the presence of many surviving members of Company A. It was placed on the facade of the house he came out of when he was fatally shot. The building was demolished in the 1980s to allow widening the canal and the plaque was affixed to a memorial located almost in front of the place where he was shot. The bridge located behind the monument was named after the name of Price in 1991, by a vote.

A new much larger memorial will be inaugurated in November 2018. The project was initiated from May 2014 by the municipal Council of Roeulx, local historians and Canadian soldiers based at SHAPE, and received the support of the Ambassador of Canada and the Minister of Canadian veterans. It will be located near a kindergarten, the George Price primary school, the footbridge and close to the current memorial plaque.