• This sponsorship network consists of rallying volunteer patrons and matrons to promote and maintain the state of Cœur du Hainaut crossroads network.
  • The recruitment of patrons and matrons will be carried out via the registration form that you will find on the last page of this flyer.
  • We expect patrons and matrons to carry out a minimum of two tests per year on a desired section and defined along with the Tourist Office of their region.
  • Patrons and matrons must report the problems and/or anomalies found along the section assigned to them and report them to their Tourist Office.
  • Patrons and matrons will receive a personalised file from the Tourist Office of their region in which they can take note of the various technical and specific aspects of the sponsored network like, for example, sharing problems via a mobile application.

A number of surprises are waiting for you to thank you for your involvement in our sponsored network!