The trilingual game Mundaneum Web 1895 on tablet provides a journey through the museum: our very founder, Paul Otlet, rediscovers a new youthfulness and guides visitors aged 10 to 110!

Upon finding each featured location or object in the museum, little games are unlocked at geolocated landmarks. These fun and instructive challenges allow you to learn a little more about the founders of the Mundaneum, Paul Otlet and Henri La Fontaine, and their crazy project: to gather together all of the world’s knowledge. A global vision symbolised by the last level of the game, which for competitive spirits brings together the scores of all players and depicts their hometown on an Earth globe.

The various purposes of the game:

  • To discover the museum space of the Mundaneum
  • To learn who its founders are and how their inventions worked (sheet, archive, ...)
  • To get the best score possible!

It was the Mons company Fishing Cactus, specialising in serious games and already the creator for the Mundaneum of the game “Renaissance 2.0” (2012), which developed the graphics and software interfaces for this new geolocated interactive video game.

Mundaneum Web 1895 is available (FR-NL-EN) on tablet from the Mundaneum reception.