A nice little family game? Why not! If you’re fans of the “Belfius Mons-Hainaut” basketball club or you just want to discover what they can do, now’s your chance! Thanks to a family subscription which guarantees you a reserved space just for you, you won’t miss a single match! 
Make happy family memories by watching a live basketball game! Four types of family subscriptions are available: “duo”, “family of 3 people,” “family of 4 people” and “family of more than 4 people”.
They include: 
  • All home championship games (excluding play-offs), Belgian Basketball Cup games, EuroBasket games and D3 games,
  • Reserved spaces for the entire season,
  • 4 complimentary spaces for your birthday,
  • Benefits with partners,
  • 10% discount at the fan shop.
So, ready to go?

Discover the “Belfius Mons-Hainaut” club at 2A Rue des Laminoirs – 7012 Jemappes (Mons)

+32 (0)65 32 05 90

Further information: