Through dozens of interactive exhibitions, explore this original museum from a different angle!  Through experiments and activities, learn and better understand science in an active way. Learning is easy when you’re having fun! Discover exhibitions to explore with the family.


Who’s it for? 6 to 12 years
Theme: Adventure trail for thrill-seeking children!  Monkey bridges, climbing trunks, climbing wall, water slides ... at their own risk!


Who’s it for? 3 to 7 years
Theme: Yomp around like animals, in their living environment! Crawl like a mole, follow in the footsteps of rabbits and frogs ... let the adventure begin!

“The Archi-chouette zone”

Who’s it for? 3 to 7 years
Theme: Explore the world around us through a kid-sized city!  Explore the foundations of buildings, build a bridge or an igloo and wander through the maze-house! 

“Energy, new dreams”

Who’s it for? For everyone!
Theme: Learn about different forms of energy, get informed and discover new ways of consuming energy. Be careful you don’t get an electric shock!


Who’s it for? 3 to 7 years
Theme: The light exhibition, to “highlight” science from an early age! Playing with shadows, lights and reflections is so much fun! 

“My body, my health”

Who’s it for? 6 years and more
Duration: 1 hour 
Theme:  Go on an adventure and discover each of your organs, at each stage of your journey. Test your reflexes, get an X-ray, observe real hearts... to know yourself by heart! 

“Genes, life decoded ?

Who’s it for? Age 12 and more
Duration: 1 hour
Theme: We find cells in our body, but what are they? Observe cells and DNA or meet Dolly, the first cloned sheep! Genetics are fantastic!

“The treasure chambers of history”

Who’s it for? Age 5 and more.
Duration: 1 hour
Theme: Dive into the world of former employees of the PASS when it was still a mining site! A trip down memory lane so nothing is forgotten, and young people learn about it from a very young age.


Who’s it for? 6 years and more
Duration: 45 minutes 
Theme: We use different materials everywhere, for everything! Discover the properties of materials and imagine the new toys of tomorrow. Create new crafts together!

“Monsieur Machine”

Who’s it for? For everyone!
Theme: Can a robot be human? Explore what sets apart human skills from new technologies in a series of challenges. You’ll see how the body is an instrument you can count on! 

“Sports exhibition”

Who’s it for? 6 to 12 years
Theme: What better way to learn more about sports than to do them? Various sports activities are put on, allowing you to use up energy and have fun with your family. Whose team will win, mum’s or dad’s?