The “Adventure Park” at PASS is aptly named! Discover games for your children to move around and have fun, scientific observatories to learn like grown-ups and a slag heap to go adventuring and scale summits! You can experiment and have fun together! Relax on the terrace or savour light meals at Café 21.


Children can enjoy the outdoors here in green surroundings. Jump on the trampolines, climb the spider webs, spin till your heart’s content on the merry-go-round and dig for treasure with the spades provided!


The scientific observatories tell you more about the preserved vegetation, which is marked by the mining surrounding the site. Experiment for yourself!


What’s that? It refers to all life forms on Earth. This observatory allows you to discover the rich variety of plants and animals in our regions through species discovery and identification games. What will you recognise?

“The pond”

In this observatory, you’ll discover wetland fauna and flora with microscopes. The ecosystem of the pond is rich and varied, with many forms of life such as crustaceans and insects!

“Levers and gears” 

Discover and try out different machines to see physics differently! Man invented pulleys, levers and gears to make work easier. But who’ll be the strongest in the family? Come and set yourself some challenges in this observatory!


“Weather station”

“Mr Weatherman”
said on the radio,
tomorrow it’ll be fine
tomorrow it’ll be hot!

Will it really? It’s up to you to find out in this observatory! To understand what’s behind “Mr Weatherman’s” forecasts, learn more about meteorological instruments and the main weather phenomena.

The slag heap

The PASS slag heap plays host to an observatory, walking routes and discoveries, all at the same time! 
To understand what slag heaps are (formed from coal accumulation during mining) and their history, find out about their geological properties and the evolution of nature since mining ceased here over 50 years ago. 
Explore the slag heap with a guide who will take you on a nature trail to discover its ecosystem. Good footwear and a little water will see you through the 70-metre climb!
Several other activities are also available such as a workshop where you can make your own fossil.