The PASS is fun and educational while making you feel at home, curled up together on the sofa with a short film. Discover the films “Ensemble !” and “H2O !” with your family.

Ensemble !   

Duration: 20 minutes
Who’s it for? 6 years and more
Director: Güldem Durmaz (co-directors: Altitude 100 and the Pass).
Where? The Palais des images area
Theme: The director went to meet people who fight for the planet, implement initiatives and think up innovative and sustainable projects around the world. The film features ideas to live better and differently, and shows that human creativity makes things happen!

H2O !

Duration: 18 minutes
Who’s it for? Age 8 and more
Where? The Palais des images area
Theme: This film involves virtual immersion in land and water to better understand the issues of water access on a global scale. Water is scarce, and many people don’t have access to a clean supply. The film raises awareness about the issue of water and reminds us that we’re responsible for our resources.
Note: this film is not screened in the summer.
Let’s teach the future generations how to improve life on Earth!