“In the Room” is a unique “escape game” in the region, a new concept that will appeal to everyone! 

But what is it?

With friends or family, form teams of two to seven people then enter a themed room and try to get out! Explore the “Les Pistolets de Saint-Georges” room which is based on the famous Doudou of Mons. 


By solving puzzles, finding objects, and opening mechanisms and locks etc.
Have fun and put your mind at test during this enjoyable team activity that will go down well with all the family!


You have an hour to find the guns of Saint Georges! Will you save the day?

Have loads of family fun discovering the famous Ducasse in an original way. But why not combine culture and fun by later heading off to the Doudou Museum?

Board games:
You can also rent various board games to relax after solving your investigation!
If you book on the same day, you’ll get a 10% discount! What are you waiting for?
So, will you make it out?
Discover ”In The Room” at 35 Place de Jéricho, 7012 Jemappes (Mons)

+32 (0)498 25 00 62
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