The architecture of the Port Authority

A true allusion to the typical landscape of port facilities, the port authority is treated as a stack of containers.
The architecture proceeds by accumulation and juxtaposition of simple volumes around the access tower; playing on superimpositions, the offsets, the overhangs, to bring in light and reveal views of the Grand-Large.
A work on materials is superimposed on the play of shapes.
The red metal structure of the access tower rises to 18m above the water level and offers a panoramic view.
A first container draped in corrugated metallic cladding brings together all services offered to boaters (showers, sanitary facilities, laundry, etc.) Large portholes further reinforce the maritime allusion.
Above, a long box of cedar wood, only split by a large bay window, encloses the guest house.
Finally the guardhouse, a real glass box, seems to float in the air and shrouds the small garage trimmed with white cladding.
(Source: Architect ARCADUS)