Van Gogh in short

Mons 2015 ,  Cinema at Mons

  • Alongside the Van Gogh in the Borinage exhibition, Hainaut Cinema invites you to extend your perspective on the artist. Discover four Belgian short films freely drawing upon the life of the painter for their inspiration.

    Hollywood at the foot of the slag heap

    A documentary by Henri de Gerlache and Philippe Reynaert which enables you to relive the shooting of A Lust for Life [La vie passionnée de Vincent van Gogh] by Vincente Minnelli in the Borinage.


    A fictional creation by Grégory Lecocq based on the life of Manu, a young street artist who struggles to find his place in a society where those who do not conform to the norm are often considered to be mad…


    A fictional creation by Vladilen Vierny, a reflection drawing directly on the present day.
    What would the life of a man like Van Gogh be like today, an “outsider” (and a foreigner) amongst the most disadvantaged members of society?

    In search of Emilio Saltarelli

    A fictional creation by Guillaume and Stéphane Malandrin, which offers an amusing and caustic perspective of the region through a film-makers research on Emilio Saltarelli, the direct and self-proclaimed descendant of Van Gogh!
    A project of Hainaut Cinéma asbl, Province of Hainaut, Mons 2015 Foundation