Un pas de côté

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  • Stop! Let’s think!

    We are told: Progress is Happiness, move a pace forward. Moving forward is progress indeed ….however it is never happiness. So why not rather set a step aside? Why not try something else? By taking a side step we would see what we usually never see. (Quote from the film “Year 01” by Jacques Doillon).

    Residence rehearsals, workshops and performances will be proposed by Sidestep, a living laboratory of artistic research and experiments featuring the impact of digital technologies on society and culture.

    All along 2015, this multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary platform will analyse Where technology meets culture along two visions: reality and illusion. On the one hand the deconstruction and understanding of technologies, and on the other the “plug and play”, the industrial leisure. Illusion is the world as it is presented to us. Reality is the world of the “alarm clocks dismounted” by the hackers, and equally revealed to Neo by Morpheus in Matrix.
    This is a coproduction by La Fabrique de théâtre – SPAS, Province of Hainaut and the Mons 2015 Foundation.
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