The Dream's Navel

Mons 2015 ,  Cultural ,  Exhibition ,  Literature ,  Museums at Morlanwelz-Mariemont

  • The Dream’s Navel is a reflection of the cultural and social changes

    Félicien Rops, Max Klinger, Alfred Kubin and Armand Simon. Engravers and graphic artists.

    Four major artists whose works, when brought into dialogue and confrontation with one another, reflect the concerns and depravities of our modern age

    Organised around five themes (dreams, the feminine, death, eroticism and the uncanny), which are also those of psychoanalysis and literature, The Dream’s Navel is a reflection of the cultural and social changes that marked Europe throughout the twentieth century. As well as being the product of international partnerships (Austria, Poland, France), the exhibition is also an opportunity to discover the rich collection of works of Félicien Rops of the Royal Museum of Mariemont, most of which are little known to the general public. The Belgian writers Caroline Lamarche, Caroline De Mulder and François Emmanuel will also be present with verbal contributions.

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    A co-production of the Royal Museum of Mariemont, a scientific establishment of the Federation Wallonia-Brussels, the Wallonia-Brussels Centre in Paris and the Mons 2015 Foundation.
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