Sonic Lassus

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  • No musician was as famous or celebrated in his lifetime as Orlando di Lasso, the absolute superstar of the sixteenth century. Sonic Lassus pays tribute to this out-of-the-ordinary composer by presenting his music as it was sung in his lifetime (thanks to performances from Vox Luminis, recognised worldwide as one of the best early music vocal ensembles), but also by bringing it up to date with the help of artists from the world of chanson or pop in contemporary arrangements (strings, electronics, etc.). A happy marriage of genres and eras to give the music of the ‘Divine Roland’ its full measure of force, emotional power, unalterable popularity and timeless beauty.
    Coproduction: Le manège.mons/Musiques Nouvelles – Botanique – Festival of Wallonia-Hainaut – Mons 2015 Foundation – St Waudru’s Collegiate Church

    With Saule, Nina Tindle (Pauline de Lassus), Pitcho, Murcof and Philippe Petit, Fugu Mango, Laetitia Sheriff, Daan, Vox Luminis, Arnaud Van de Cauter (organ).