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  • Since he took over, the pianist Franck Braley has been administering shock therapy to the 12 classical musicians of the Royal Chamber Orchestra of Wallonia, to the point of monopolising the Alhambra, Mons’ new pop-rock temple, during the Mons 2015 opening ceremony.

    Discover the season of all the openings, which won’t be a disappointment to “great music” aficionados. Our concerts give you a change of scenery through different eras, continents and the imagination. At the Théâtre Royal or at the Alhambra, at the Town Hall, Sainte-Waudru or at the Conservatoire, in the new ARSONIC auditorium...

    Women Women Women, on 6 February, Mozart in chamber music, on 27 March, The colours of Algeria on 21 May, Focus on youth from 26 to 28 June, a Métarequiem, on 10 October… Augustin Dumay, famous violinist and Franck Braley’s predecessor at the head of the orchestra, will also be performing.
    Une production de la Fondation Mons 2015 et de l’Orchestre Royal de la Chambre de Wallonie
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