Mimi The Clown

“Ailleurs en Folie” festival ,  Mons 2015 ,  Cultural ,  Art in the city, signposted walks ,  Exhibition ,  Unclassifiable 2015 at Mons

  • Mimi the Clown specialises in spectacular graffiti. This politically engaged and provocative artist’s stencils, with their blend of humour and politics, are now internationally recognised.
    Lille, the birthplace of the Maisons Folie, is opening the first of the 8 Home and Away events of 2015

    In 2015, without the jet lag, passport or backpack, stop off in Glasgow, Milan, Lille, Casablanca... How about poutine from Montreal or goulash from Pilsen? Over a long weekend, discover the more surprising facets of the world's great cities