Lille 3000 Renaissance

Festival ,  Unclassifiable 2015 ,  Mons 2015 at Lille

  • Celebrating the New World

    An openness to the world, artistic exchanges, technology: Renaissance (Rebirth) is the brandnew version of Lille3000, with the ambitious aim of demonstrating the vitality of today’s world. Like the Renaissance of the 16th century that was marked by a remarkable intellectual and artistic revival, the early 21st century in which we live is a turbulent time, but a new world is emerging.

    This huge metamorphosis is coupled with intellectual and artistic movements that serve to renew forms of art and expression, and that are creating a new relationship with the world. Renaissance will seek to capture this promising impetus. An opening parade, major exhibitions, urban metamorphoses, shows, do-it-yourself, inflatables, lights, design, food, debates, never-before-seen events… Artists and experiences from all over the world are coming to greet the people of Mons in this open and joyful spirit. Be reborn with them!

    Mayor exhibitions: Renaissance at Tripostal Detroit City at Gare Saint-Sauveur La Joie de vivre at Palais des Beaux-Arts and many more in the Lille EuroMetropole.
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