Lasso in the concert of Nations

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  • Of all the composers of his time, Orlando di Lasso was probably the most coveted by the court and church chapels. Yet he remained loyal to his employer, the Archduke of Bavaria, who offered him exceptional inducements: singers and instrumentalists recruited throughout Europe and a chapel of exceptional quality. His reputation as a composer was enhanced by the publication of a considerable quantity of his works during his lifetime. Lasso was able to compose in all styles, and did not fail to draw inspiration from new compositional modes such as the Venetian polychoral style.

    This concert takes us back to the Germanic, Italian and Spanish chapels. Lasso is represented by his Missa Susanne un jour, a composition based entirely on his song of that name, which was one of the best-known of its day.
    Coproduction: CAV&MA – Mons 2015 Foundation.
    The Namur Chamber Choir is supported by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation (music and dance service), the National Lottery, and the City and Province of Namur.
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