La Phrase

Mons 2015 ,  Art in the city, signposted walks ,  Literature at Mons

  • Poetry in the street

    It starts at the station in capital letters, zigzags and cavalcades along the walls of the city of Mons, winds its way from façade to façade, jumps into parks, runs along the stones of the historical buildings. It awakens our literary past: behind a Gothic gargoyle, the Symbolists whisper and the Surrealists flee. Remarkable Hainaut authors, but also from all over the world. She chats, laughs, tells tales, imagines…

    She writes to herself for ten kilometres.

    “She”? “She” is a free phrase that is as light as a feather, a written gesture that has been dreamt up, composed and carried out by Karelle Ménine and Ruedi Baur, inscribed by painters in letters. Remove words from books, play with the poets, slide into our everyday life, day after day and for a whole year. The literature is in the street, the words belong to us, The phrase belongs to us.

    With Karelle Ménine et Ruedi Baur.
    With ING, La Loterie Nationale, Club Mons 2015 Entreprises and Repamine.
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