La Grande Clameur

Mons 2015 ,  Music at Mons

GD CLAMEUR@tdr.jpg
  • A choir of 500 singers pay tribute to Orlando di Lasso on the steps of St Waudru’s Church, performing a 20-minute piece composed for the occasion by Jean-Paul Dessy. Beginners, novices and music-lovers who have never made music before have been invited to join forces with 19 existing choirs in order to sing with one voice. The culmination of months of meetings and work involving amateurs and professionals from Mons-Borinage, Louvain and Maubeuge, this new piece by a choral collective will illuminate the area in front of the church precinct with a Grande Clameur – a ‘mighty clamour’ – including some thirty accordions led by Olivier Douyez.
    Participating choirs: Aube Nouvelle, Chacadémie, Coup de Chœur.Mons, Chant d'ensemble de l'Académie de Musique de Mons, Chorale Universitaire de Louvain, Ensemble Vocal Chantecité, Les Chanterelles, Seniorella, La Fraternité, Lyricanto, Chœur Royal les Amis de Mozart, Les Chœurs Chantants, Mezza Voce, Poly'sons, Ichtus Chorus, Nota Casto, Saint Paul, Laetare Malbodièse.

    Coproduction : Fondation Mons 2015 - Collégiale Sainte-Waudru