Jean-Louis Murat

Mons 2015 ,  Music at Mons

  • “My father died in November 2013, and I started to work with the Delano Orchestra. And on 1 January, I moved on to writing”. This is how this young man of 63 put it, in “ Les Inrocks” when his new double album was released, which has the benefit of the Americanophile verve of the Delano Orchestra, a folk-rock group from Clermont-Ferrand that is going from strength to strength. Jean-Louis Murat has taken this opportunity to explore his intimate side, in twenty titles, with an infusion of rock-based energy. And it hits the target: “The finest French production of the new season”, wrote Télérama, while “Le Monde” concluded, restrainedly: “Amongst the pinnacles of his discography”. On the first of February do not miss out on hearing him at the Alhambra, the new pop/rock stage for Mons.

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