Hiroaki Umeda

Dance ,  Festival ,  Digital ,  Theatre ,  Mons 2015 ,  Cultural at Maubeuge

  • Split flow - Creativity 2015

    Hiroaki Umeda, a multidisciplinary artist who is both choreographer and performer, composer and video artist, presents Split flow. This piece, in which dance is laser-guided, while the light projections are motion-generated via sensors, is his very latest creation at the Via 15 Festival.

    The artist develops a visual and sound world with a minimalist and radical aesthetic, supported by a stripped-down visual graphic design, alternating violence and appeasement. Hiroaki Umeda’s aesthetic offerings put his dance at the heart of electronic and digital material.

    Originating from Japan, land of digital culture par excellence, Hiroaki Umeda seeks to reveal what remains of humanity when one is plunged into the heart of technological change.
    Productions Théâtre Le Manège - Maubeuge - Mons - Scène Nationale, La Gare Numérique Jeumont, La Maison des arts - Créteil
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