Festival of the unexpected (meetings)

Festival ,  Unclassifiable 2015 ,  Mons 2015 at Tournai

  • The Unexpected (Meetings) Festival combines
    philosophy and music, in the heart exceptional
    heritage of the City of Tournai, decorated for the
    occasion with new and surprising scenography.
    From Mediaeval music to contemporary music
    passing through pop, jazz and music of the world,
    with about one hundred philosophers, musicians
    and actors, the spirit is toward emotion.
    In 2015, the Festival will expand its orientation of
    mixing culture and contemporary technologies.
    Through the project Festival of Unexpected
    (Meetings) of technology, culture and generations
    through music and philosophy, it questions the
    status of the audience and invites the spectator to
    experiment, thanks to the new digital tools, new
    cultural practices.
    Une coproduction de la Province de Hainaut, la Fabrique de théâtre,
    Maison de la culture de Tournai, l’Institut de Recherche et Innovation
    (Paris) et de la Fondation Mons 2015.