Crazy House by Maison Folie

“Ailleurs en Folie” festival ,  Mons 2015 ,  Art in the city, signposted walks ,  Festivals and food ,  Music at Mons

  • The Maison Folie is a teeming bazaar, a mosaic of allusions from past, present and future, and from the cultures of the world. A curio cabinet reinvented in the realm of contemporary narcissism.
    In this shifting world in which video installations, music, the culinary arts and the performing arts all blend together, thousands of mirrors adorn premises and performers alike. Some are accurate, while others are distorting, like a series of self-reflected images. The partying carries on into the small hours…

    Wtih Fanny Bouyagui and Art Point M.
    By Fanny Bouyagui / ART POINT M
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