Héribus slag heap is a natural manmade treasure that many will find surprising! 
People stopped using it in 1968, leaving us a heap of coal where an amazing ecosystem then developed and formed an extraordinary landscape. 
  • First, follow a path that will take you into an undergrowth of birch trees, the ideal place to start with a walk.
  • Then things get tough: time to get climbing! Who’ll arrive first?
  • Reach the summit where you’ll encounter a small wagon, a reminder of the mining past about which you can learn more while having fun!
  • Finish at a panoramic Mons viewpoint, where you can see the Belfry and the Collégiale de Mons (Collegiate Church), rising 107m above sea level!
Activities and entertainment:
It’s great climbing up the slag heap! But why not take advantage of some entertainments and educational activities? While visiting the field, participate in a themed talk, such as “Coal, who are you?” or “The slag heaps ecosytem”. 

When? Available all year round by appointment
Price: €5/person
Thierry Mortier (scientific coordinator)
+32 (0) 475 34 54 78

David Stradiot (scientific guide)
+32 (0) 471 / 74 21 67
david.stradiot@umons.ac.be   Go on an adventure and unearth all the heap’s secrets!

Explore the Héribus slag heap at Chemin de Bavay – 7033 Cuesmes (Mons)